P27 Affinity


Be a part of p27 in your own way. Display one of these images on your web pages. It's free and it's pointless!

To use any of these buttons, just copy the html that follows them into your web page to get a nice, p27, clickable button of your own. You're welcome to copy the images to your own web page if you prefer.

p27 europe

<a href="http://www.p27.eu/"> <img alt="p27 europe" src="http://www.p27.eu/affinity/p27-europe-small.png"></a>
<a href="http://www.p27.eu/"> <img alt="p27 europe" src="http://www.p27.eu/affinity/p27-europe-large.png"></a>

The images are copyright 2017 by Jeff Abrahamson and are licensed under the GPL, which pretty much means you can modify them if you want but you can't stop other people from modifying them.