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Jeff Abrahamson

Some gratuitous information about me.

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States. I lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the east coast of the United States, for 19 years. I now live in Nantes. Along the way my life has carried me to Boston, San Francisco, Paris, and London.

Jeff in Grand Canyon, photographed by Stéphane Birklé
(March 2007 in Grand Canyon, as photographed by my boyfriend Stéphane [pic].)

I studied mathematics at MIT from 1983 to 1988, with a year off in 1985-1986 living and studying in Paris. I did graduate work in theoretical mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania from 1988-1990.

For ten years I worked in industry as a software engineer before returning to academia. I did a PhD in computer science at Drexel University in Philadelphia before moving to Nantes. My professional life is mostly based in London. At first I worked in finance doing computer science. In April 2013 I joined Google London. I currently work at Jellybooks, where we are inventing Reader Analytics.

I speak French proficiently. I speak somewhat halting German. My high school Latin suffices only for reading some inscriptions on buildings and other parlor tricks. I enjoy trekking, rowing, and bicycling. Here's a picture of me on a recent hiking trip (with Stéphane, March 2007). I row with UNA.

Old photos from this site live here.

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